The Opals of My Eye

“To me, art is about the process, what goes into creating each product, the imagining and visualizing, the crushing, forming, soldering, and connecting to create something whole with meaning and purpose; like a small seed that is planted, requiring sun and water to thrive and watching its continual growth. I plant my visions on paper, tend to them and bring them to life with my own hands and heart to share with you and make a connection with each of you. Each piece is complete with a stone and hinge.”

Christina Terese
Artist & Designer

I remember as a little girl sifting through beads and stringing them on colored embroidery thread down the shore. My sister and I used the top of a red cooler on the front lawn of the beach house to sell our creations; simple braided embroidery thread with a special seed bead here and there. Our ‘business’ progressed to the benches along our most beloved beach, the shores of New Jersey, sharing our beaded creations with passers by. We watched by the bench as the sun glistened off the ocean, the sea glass twinkled when the water met the sand. My journey continued as I took my first jewelry and metalwork class in Florence Italy, learning techniques of metalwork such as soldering, stone setting and crushed stone inlay. As I began to create pieces, my inspiration continued to mirror my memories of the shore, the visions I had so beautifully painted in my mind. These opals reflect these visions of the glistening ocean and have become my most cherished treasures. I bring life to these metals and stones creating everyday jewelry inspired by these eye-catching moments.